North Goa VS South Goa

North Goa VS South Goa

The everlasting confusion of choosing between North Goa and South Goa is like the conundrum of a lifetime. Which is better and why? These are some common questions that we all face while we plan a trip to the pocket-sized state of India. Let’s analyse the main differences between North Goa and South Goa and choose which one is better for a dazzling trip this year.

Destination synopsis for North Goa and South Goa

Weather in Goa: Both South Goa and North Goa enjoy tropical weather. However, traveling to South Goa is better because the weather is less humid than in North Goa.

Things To Do In North Goa And South Goa

Step into the sun-kissed beaches, soulful breeze, vibrant nightlife, mouth-watering seafood and casinos; you name it and Goa has it. So many things to do in such a small town, but have you decided where to enjoy all these delights? Let’s begin the battle of North Goa vs South Goa.

Beaches of North Goa and South Goa

The wonderful beach side and flamboyant parties are the first ones to follow when traveling to India’s hippest city, Goa. Scroll down to analyse the difference between the beaches of North Goa and the beaches of South Goa.